Service Rates

All services are pre-authorized for up to one hour labour. If your service takes less time, we will bill accordingly.

  • Security Check | $80

    In-depth system vulnerability assessments, enhanced firewall configuration, data protection enhancements, and tailored security recommendations to help protect your computer from threats.

  • Virus & Malware Cleaning | $80-160

    Malware and virus scanning, thorough system cleaning, advanced threat detection, and removal services to ensure your computer remains safe and operates efficiently.

  • Windows Installation & Setup | $80-160

    Windows setup and installation, customized configuration, system optimization, essential software installation, and user-friendly guidance to ensure your computer runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • 15-Minute Help & Training | $20

    15-minute troubleshooting and training sessions, offering quick solutions and personalized guidance to enhance your computing skills and resolve immediate technical issues.

  • Laptop Teardown & Reassemble | $100

    Laptop teardown and reassemble service, providing meticulous disassembly, internal component inspection, cleaning, and precise reassembly for optimal performance and longevity.

  • New Computer Setup | $100

    Custom configuration, software installation, system optimization, and essential settings adjustment for immediate and efficient use.

  • Hourly IT Services | $100

    Comprehensive tech support, system maintenance, network setup, software updates, and tailored solutions for diverse technological needs.

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